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Staying Fit

Hey There!

My name is Jen Borruso and I am the founder of Anchor Fit Club, a virtual and in-person strength training program with a side nutrition coaching depending on the individual.  Weight loss is not something I coach, I prefer to focus on health behaviors as weight loss is not a behavior.

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All About Me

I am a former Beachbody "coach" turned Certified Personal Trainer.  Long story short, my experience within Beachbody following the workout and nutrition programs, ultimately contributed to me hitting rock bottom in an eating dis0rder in February of 2018.  I knew staring at the empty box that had held 12 donuts just moments before that what I was doing to myself was unhealthy AND I still wanted to help people with their fitness and nutrition.  First, I had to work on improving my own relationship with food, exercise, and my body.  In February 2019 I passed the ACE Certified Personal Trainer exam and in March of 2020 I officially launched Anchor Fit Club.  Not the best time, that's for sure!  But I did it.  

Anchor Fit Club is a 12-month progressive strength training group program delivered through an easy to use app.  As I said above, weight loss isn't even on our radar.  We focus on strength, sleep, stress management, hydration, eating ENOUGH, and connecting & celebrating with others.  The program is designed for all fitness levels with variations and adaptations that can be made for all bodies.

I am currently working on updating this website, until then... Join my email list to stay up-to-date on all Anchor Fit Club happenings, educational content, along with other fun things I have planned.  Not including the bonuses and insider exclusives, starting with being the first to know when Anchor Fit Club Enrollment is opening (soon, it's soon)!

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